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IPient: IP broker and management Our key services

Buy IP addresses Buy IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

IPient has a large inventory and client database of IPv4 addresses available. Let us know your requirements and we will assist you in finding the best possible match with the needed range and region.

Sell IP addresses Sell IPv4 & IPv6 addresses

We will help you to determine how much of your IPv4 address blocks you need to sell and can get you maximum market value. We do your IPv4 inventory valuation.

Lease / rent IP adresses Lease IPv4 / Rent IPv4

Have a short-term need for IPv4 addresses? Leasing might be the best option for you. Leasing allows for quick and easy access to additional IP space with an easy monthly payment plan. IPient offers safe options for those interested in leasing.

Rent out / lease out IPs Rent out / lease out IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

Do you have IPv4 addresses, but you don’t want to sell them? Leasing/renting the out might be the best option for you. You will get your monthly payments and we will monitor the IPv4 space usage within the rent period.

Looking to buy / sell / rent IP ranges?

IP space management services LIR consultancy & maintenance

LIR consultancy. Maintenance your Provider-Independent (PI) objects (IPv4 or IPv6) . Autonomous System (AS). The registration of a new IPv6 blocks, ASNs. Cleaning IP spaces.

cleaning ip

Common pricing The prices based on our previous brokered deals

IP sell/buy market price

16 /per IP

We sell/buy clean IPs on average 16€/per IP price. Prices might be higher/smaller depending on the range size and/or age / status

IP lease/rent prices

0.30 /per mnth

We lease/ lease out clean IPs on average 0.3€/per IP per month. Prices might be higher/smaller depending on the range size and/or age / status, rental/leasing period.

*Future transfer* sales of IP

16 384 /22

Sale of clean-unused 2-year locked transfer(full transfer happens after two years).
Maintainer is changed immediately. Ownership rights based on agreement. RIR transfer in 24mths.


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ARIN Transfer

Quality guaranteed Transparency. Refund policy. We fully up to date with RIR procedures.

Full refunds
For more than 10 years of providing telecommunication services on Internet, we have gathered a considerable experience of IP address related work. This allows us to give a warranty and offer full refunds for the buy/sell/lease transactions with IPient.
Efficiency & Status
In most cases, you can start using your addresses on the next day after they have been ordered and  a recognized IPv4/IPv6 address transfer broker.
24h customer support
We want to be there for you—whether you’re on online or off. So thanks to your feedback, we now offer 24/7 live chat support.

Looking to buy / sell / rent IP ranges?