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APNIC transfer process Steps for APNIC transfer process

APNIC transfer process

  1. Pre-Approval: In the APNIC region, the buyer must secure APNIC pre-approval for the block based on 24 months need.
  2. NDA: Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) are signed to protect the conversation and discussion from disclosure about both parties confidential matters.
  3. Block Examination: The buyer will examine the Seller’s IPv4 block both technically and legally to ensure it meets your approval.  IPient provides expertise to assist with both aspects.
  4. APA:  An Asset Purchase Agreement defines the contractual terms and conditions between the parties.   IPient has extensive legal experience in drawing these constructs and can either work with in-house counsel or provide a template.
  5. Payment Terms: These can range from pre-payment via escrow or a solicitor’s account, payment after the transfer, or a Letter of Credit.
  6. Transfer: The IP transfer process uses the tools provided by APNIC in the region, such as MyAPNIC.  The IPs are released by the seller, accepted by the buyer, the buyer is billed by APNIC, then APNIC fully releases the IPs to the buyer.  If an inter-RIR transfer from ARIN has been chosen, it is a bit more complex and manual. IPient provides expertise to assist the buyer. Ultimately the buyer will be billed by APNIC and the IPs will be transferred to their APNIC account. The seller also pays ARIN a fee for an inter-RIR transfer.
  7. Payment:  Funds are paid to the Seller.
  8. Paperwork:  Final documentation and closing conditions are completed.  As an example, the seller must provide the buyer with a final Bill of Sale.
  9. Announcement: Once the transfer is complete, the IPs are announced on the internet by the recipient buyer.

Whatever your level of expertise, from complete novice to technical expert, we can help you sell your IPv4 blocks.

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