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Rent out or/and lease out IP addresses Rent out or/and lease out IP addresses:IPv4 & IPv6 addresses

Leasing out / renting out IPv4 Addresses Is Simple and Easy.

Lease out / renting out request

Fill out the order form and specify your ranges and prices.


Once the order is received, we will send you contract and start offering your IP ranges to our clients.


The leasing client has a chance to test the ip space. After the testing period is done, upfront payment for 1 month will be made to your account.


After all these steps are carried out, your personal manager will help you with any questions or problems.

Why lease out with IPient?

Huge database for lease  requests

Monitoring of leasing out activities

Reverse DNS configuration

Whatever your level of expertise, from complete novice to technical expert, we can help you sell your IPv4 blocks.

Up to date
We fully up to date with RIR procedures


The entire process is completely transparent, with all set prices stated from the very start.

Looking to buy / sell / rent IP ranges?